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Johnston Manufacturing Company has served the welded tube and pipe producing industry for almost 50 years. Our products include all types of roll tooling for welded tube and pipe production. We are a FULL SERVICE roll shop offering roll design, new roll manufacture and complete roll regrinding and reconditioning services. Our prime objective is to provide precision tooling that will set-up fast, produce an excellent weld, and ensure an overall high quality product. We take pride in providing 100% on time delivery for all of our products and services.

JMC Rollmasters - Dennis Johnston

Dennis Johnston



Dennis began his career as a second generation roll maker in 1961 as a shop laborer at the original ARDCOR Div. of the American Roller Die Corp. Under the mentoring eye of his father Merle L. Johnston he quickly learned the roll making process. His leadership ability, mechanical and mathematical expertise led to rapid advancement within the organization. From laborer to machinist to roll turner (it was manual in those days) to expeditor, to roll shop superintendent. By 1965 with Merle as plant manager and Dennis as shop supt., the Johnstons were running the Ardcor manufacturing facilities. Dennis’ problem solving abilities also meant he was called upon frequently for troubleshooting customers problems in the field.


The challenges and rewards of the business environment coupled with an independent spirit inevitably led to the founding in 1967 of Johnston Mfg. Co, Inc. with Merle and Dennis as partners. Their goal was to produce and service tooling for the welded tube and pipe industries. When engineering and manufacturing technology evolved into the digital age Dennis was quick to embrace this new science. He soon began to integrate his skills of roll design and manufacturing into computer software. The goal being to digitize what he believed was an undocumented design and manufacturing process.


Through the use of software and CNC equipment tasks that would take hours to perform could be done with a mere mouse click. And, best of all, with no mistakes. All that was needed was database development, CAD source integration, APT language programming for CNC output, bar coding for error free data transfer and networking of all the above. Rather than acquiring generic software products he developed his own. This development is ongoing and renders JMC Rollmasters unimpeded by the limitations of generic or third party software and systems.

JMC Rollmasters - Bruce Weber

Bruce Weber



Bruce has been a key player in the Cleveland roll producing community since 1987. His background includes hands-on shop floor experience in roll mfg. and many years of pre-engineering inspection and data collection for roll set reconditioning projects. This responsibility always included customer liaison to assure that roll sets were properly designed and configured to satisfy customer expectations. His technical expertise and personableness has made him a favorite with our customers. Call Bruce for whatever you need including:

  • New roll consultation and quotes.
  • Regrinds and project scheduling
  • Weld mill technical issues.
  • Strip width recommendations
  • Roll design information for new or existing sets.
  • Quotations for new rolls or regrinds.

He’ll see to it that you get fast and accurate answers to your needs.

JMC Rollmasters - Marsha Hoch-Johnston

Marsha Hoch-Johnston



Marsha oversees all company administrative and financial matters. She has been actively involved with the company for over thirty years. Her management and financial planning skills are a valuable asset to the corporation. Her previous career involved the creation of a aerospace engineer, an architect, an electronics engineer, and a pediatric psychiatrist so what she does now is actually a walk in the park by comparison.

JMC Rollmasters - Jeff Watt

Jeff Watt

Production Manager

Jeff is the master of roll production. He has personally supervised the majority of roll production in the Cleveland roll form arena for the past thirty five years. His vast knowledge of the specialized machinery, tooling and processes applied in roll making makes him a powerful player on our team. Jeff sees to it that when you open that box of rolls you'll find exactly what you need to get your job done with the least amount of effort.