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Our Technology

At JMC Rolls we found that generic roll design systems and commercial CAD/CAM programs were either limited in their scope or extremely broad based and slow. For these and other reasons we have developed and implemented our own roll design and roll manufacturing software.

All forming rolls are custom designed, yet mass produced. There are standard design parameters  but each new roll set is virtually a one off design. It is configured specifically for the end users’ needs. The mill,the product to be produced, and the set up and operating procedures unique to each company are all factors we take into account during the design process.

In our software we have combined our roll engineering wisdom and roll manufacturing skills with the processing power of modern computers. This system incorporates all the traditional and contemporary forming practices as well as many innovative solutions including complex multi-arc contours, transitions, and roll finishing routines. Our system is one of the few in existence that incorporates neutral axis tracking into the metal forming process.   These features allow metal to be formed more naturally and without the abrupt transitional changes created by generic two arc software packages. Our systems integrate mill data, metal forming sequences and roll design criteria into functional tooling designs. Additionally,these designs can be manually fine tuned to suit the designer’s preference. Bar-coded roll drawings and manufacturing programs are then automatically generated. Our extensive use of bar-coding minimizes human error and ensures fast and accurate data transfer from engineering to the production environment. This system-wide control of manufacturing and inspection data is unprecedented in the industry today.

 These innovative solutions create an environment of activity where response times are fast and accurate. At JMC Rolls this development process is continuous in our ongoing quest to perfect the art of metal forming.

JMC Rollmasters - Our Technology