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Solid Rolls

The most common and economical format for tube and pipe roll construction is the solid one piece roll where each roll segment is machined from a forged bar stock, or for large or specialty rolls, a forging or casting. This format offers strength, economy, and a smooth forming surface area with no seams or separations to cause chipping or marking. When the roll contour wears out the regrinding process involves reducing its overall diameter enough to restore the surface contour and metallurgy to original tolerances. The mill is then adjusted to make up the reduction in roll diameter.


The ADVANTAGES of this format are:

  • Its the most economical roll to make new.
  • Its the most economical roll to regrind.
  • It offers an uninterrupted single forming surface.

Some CONSIDERATIONS when choosing solid rolls are:

  • All rolls in a gear train must be reground the same amount undersized to drive in unison
  • On gear driven stands regrinding lowers the metal line in the mill.
  • Adjusting the metal line for each setup is an additional consideration.
  • On some mills the metal line can’t be readjusted and the tube runs lower in the mill after each regrind.  Side rolls and auxiliary tooling must then be height adjusted.
  • As the roll is ground smaller the decrease of surface area affects performance especially on driven rolls.

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