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New Roll Manufacturing

A set of tube mill rolls can have a lifespan of five to twenty five years or more. During that time the performance of that roll set, and therefore the profitability of the operation are affected constantly by decisions made by the roll maker and the purchaser when the set was made new. In designing the rolls the type of roll construction including solid, split and bolted, idler flanges, and inserted areas is critical along with selection of roll material.


These factors then must be integrated with the mill specs and the physical properties of the product to be produced.  Add in the purchasers operating procedures and you have the ingredients for a new roll set. It is important to note that many hours of poor production will occur before design upgrades are made to poorly planned tooling.


We always take a partnership approach with our customers. We bring all options into the planning process. This helps insure many years of trouble free production. You can review our roll making process by browsing technology, roll design, and roll construction pages on this site.


At JMC Rolls, we see the production of new tooling sets as the beginning of a profitable journey and how well the journey goes depends on how well it was planned.